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Hi all! I'm juan luis roman and I love programming. I'm a computer science engineer. I really like also radio control models and practice some sports. I work at MAGOM HRC (R&D Team)

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23-07-2016 --- 21:51
Finally I have gotten my Computer Science degree!
21-06-2016 --- 16:23
This is a great article for driving a dc motor with PWM. ...
28-03-2016 --- 23:08
Here we will teach you how to setup MAMP with a Symfony2 project. Com...

languages and tools that i use


Learning AVR programming [C Based]. Microcontrollers are awesome. 

pcb design

Designing some pcb's with gEDA software.


I developed a little app for my android 2.3. Many time without touch any android code, I'm now centered on websites.

linux os

Linux based operating systems, I use Ubuntu. I like bash and make all the scripts that I want ;)

symfony 2

Php framework that I'm using in my current projects. This website is an example of it. Easy to learn and install, doctrine, YAML and twig, I love it.


Programming language that I'm using now with the framework symfony.

html 5

Learning this new revision markup language. New features and items to make easiest a modern website.

css 3

This website contains some css 3 features, logo hover and some shadows are developing with css 3.


Learned during university, very strong, powerful and low-level language helps you to understand better other programming languages.


Open source electronics. You will find many projects on the blog section.


Working at now with this e-commerce. Visit www.magomhrc.com to see one of my current projects.

3d part design

Some experience with Solidworks and a beginner with CATIA. Love 3d design.